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Labor law

We assist our clients with labor law matters on daily basis as this is one of the most demanded services. The main areas of services are:

Labor law compliance:

  • Processing of employment documents (internal regulations, benefit plans, draft job contracts, draft employment termination documents) to optimize the employment relations from the beginning and prevent problematic situations
  • Setting of processes to avoid breach of labor law rules by management
  • Documents regarding substantial changes of employment (change of place, working tasks, change in relation with M&As)

Employment of foreigners:

  • Processing of work permits and visas (or “Employee’s Cards” / “Blue Cards”)
  • Notifications to Labor Offices and Immigration Offices

Termination of employment:

  • Documents for due termination of employment and rules of their correct delivery to the employee
  • Legal representation in disputes concerning termination of employment (including compensation, claims of invalid termination of employment, claims resulting from non-competition clause)
  • Correct procedure of collective dismissals of employment

Relations to Labor Unions:

  • Prevention to Labor Union activity in client’s company
  • Setting the fulfilment of obligations towards the Labor Union
  • Collective bargaining – negotiation of a collective agreement
  • Mediation / Arbitration with Labor Union

Agency employment:

  • Licensing a business of an Agency of Work
  • Contracts between agency and employers (users) and employees
  • Compliance with notification rules (both, of agency and employer)
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