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your partner for business

Company formation

We can secure opening of a legal entity of any kind. The most demanded entities are:

  • Limited Liability Company (s.r.o.)
  • Joint Stock Company (a.s.)
  • Organizational branch of a foreign company (registered branch without own legal capacity)

We also open special kinds of entities, e.g. foundations, civil associations, trusts, and EU law entities such as Societas Europaea (SE) or European Cooperative Society (SCE).

Our entities may have very simple form of their internal structure and statute or can be structured in more sophisticated way (e.g. different kinds of shares with different rights to shareholders, tag-along / drag-along rights, etc.). Clients use our entities for various purposes – branch for the Czech / CEE market, SPV, start-up, etc.

Limited Liability Company (s.r.o.) is the most popular form. It can be established even by just one person, with obligatory stock capital starting from 1,- CZK. We can establish and register new company or transfer one of our registered (shell) companies within 1 day from receiving all necessary documents from the client, including obtaining trade licenses and bank account.

We can secure a necessary registered office for the entity (also in our building), daily virtual office service, recommend cooperating accountants and tax advisors.

You can find more information (including fees) concerning opening of quick and simple company on our website or contact us with request for proposal of more complicated structures or specific entities.

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Mgr. Ing. Martin Števko, e-mail:, +420 596 11 22 33 Mgr. et Mgr. Petr Mališ, e-mail:, +420 596 11 22 33 Mgr. Lukáš Mokrý, e-mail:, +420 596 11 22 33
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