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your partner for business

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  • We render legal services since 2001 to clients from the Czech Republic and from abroad. Most of the foreign clients come from the EU countries (Germany, Austria, Poland …), the U.S. and Korea.
  • Our clients are mostly business entities and public organizations of different size and scope of activity. We do not render services to the general public in basic civil or criminal law matters, however we can assist to business companies‘ managers and shareholders in their private matters.
  • We have experience in wide range of fields of law.
  • Our legal assistance concerns various phases of business – from starting an investment in the Czech Republic, securing daily operational issues to specific or highly specialized legal matters.
  • We render services in the whole Czech Republic with offices in Ostrava and Prague.


  • Our team consists of 6 senior lawyers and other legal staff.
  • We speak fluently English, German, Polish and French.
  • We cooperate with notaries, tax advisors and accountants.


  • Our narrow legal teams secure that each client and each matter is under supervision of a partner lawyer of our law firm.
  • Locating our head team in Ostrava enables us to offer competitive fees at levels lower than in Prague.
  • Our flexibility allows us to focus on client’s goals even in very specific matters.
  • Because of the above mentioned benefits, our law firm is most often asked for its comprehensive legal assistance by the small- and mid- size businesses, while larger corporations request either daily matters services (such as labor law issues, common contracts) or highly experienced services in our specialized fields (such as IT / IP).

You can find more about the members of our team on our website.

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Jansa, Mokrý, Otevřel & partneři s.r.o., advokátní kancelář Registered with KS Ostrava, C 60610 Member of the Czech Bar Association ( ID: 036 04 772 tel.: +420 596 11 22 33 fax: +420 596 63 01 56 e-mail:

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